Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tibet Travel Org CITS Launches a Beijing to Lhasa Train Travel Program

Gaining practical experience in Tibet tour administrations, Tibet Travel Org CITS propelled a Beijing to Lhasa train venture out system to meet the quickly climbing business request. As the world's most elevated route, Qinghai-Tibet Railway positions in main ten best routes on the planet. Since its operation in July 2006, the line has extended 50 million voyagers, particularly those from Beijing to Lhasa.

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"A lot of people abroad travelers and travel orgs counsel us about train tickets to Tibet a year ahead of time," said Ms. Debbie Deng, the OP director of the travel org. "Our new program is required to draw in many vacationers not long from now."

"Since Beijing associate with worldwide flights extremely well, numerous explorers to Tibet land in Beijing first before going to Lhasa via air or rail," Debbie said. "In excess of 70% lean toward taking a train by means of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. It is the most picturesque route in China, and the train is the most developed. You will feel exceptionally good and cheerful ready for."

"It is typically difficult to get a ticket for such a hot visitor course in crest season. However we can ensure the tickets on the grounds that we have a yearly booking from the ticket office," she proceeded. "Moreover, a vacationer train will be open from Shijiazhuang to Lhasa in May in the not so distant future. The new prepare will really twofold the rail proficience from Beijing to Lhasa and mostly resolve the lack of tickets."

"Nonnatives must demonstrate their Tibet Travel Permit when sheets a train to Tibet. We will help you to request the license, as well. We will convey the license to your inn in Beijing or offer it to you at the train station." She said.

Right now, there is a train from Beijing to Lhasa consistently. There are three classes of tickets—delicate sleeper (four bunks to a lodge, RMB 1,186 for a base bunk and RMB 1,144 for an upper one), hard sleeper (six bunks to a lodge, RMB 763 for a lowest part bunk, RMB 742 for a center one and RMB 720 for an upper) and hard seat (RMB 360). In China, the train ticket charge does not incorporate suppers, yet each one train has an eating auto where Tibetan and Chinese sustenance is advertised. It sets back the ol' finances around RMB 20 for every supper.

Like different trains to Tibet, it is additionally uncommonly prepared for high country voyaging. It has an oxygen-supply framework to support the pneumatic force at a suitable level. Singular oxygen covers are likewise accessible. All autos are furnished with twofold layer glass, secured with hostile to ultraviolet radiation film.

The most picturesque a piece of the voyage is from Golmud to Lhasa. In excess of 80% of the line between Golmud and Lhasa is at a height of in excess of 4,000 meters above ocean level, with the most elevated point being 5,072 meters at Tanggula Pass. Voyagers can see an astonishing world, which is truly not quite the same as the urban communities, alongside occasional and provincial progressions, and distinctive environments. The line itself is likewise an incredible fascination. It holds nine world records, for example, the world's most astounding line, most noteworthy train station (Tanggula Station, at 5,068 meters above ocean level) and most astounding track tunnel (Fenghuoshan tunnel, at 4,905 meters).

Tibet Travel Org CITS (, the top online Tibet tour admin, yearly sends more than 1,000 distinctive explorers and in excess of 100 tour gatherings to Tibet. It helps voyagers to acquire the Tibet Travel Permit, book air/train tickets to Tibet and tweak their tours. The organization additionally continues redesigning most recent data about Tibet on Facebook ( and twitter (@tibettravelorg

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